New Music Video!

You can watch here Absurdity’s new music video for the track SPAWN, we hope you guys will like it! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO
novembre 2014

In stores now!

You can find UNDESTRUCTIBLE in every good stores in France now, for the rest of Europe, it will take a few months more, Meanwhile, you... Read More
octobre 2014

New music video

Absurdity will reveal this week the brand new music video for SPAWN, directed by Psyrus studio. Expect some violent blast beats and neck scrapping moshing... Read More
octobre 2014

Interview on VS Webzine

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is a full Interview (In French language) made by VS Webzine, the bands speaks about UNDESTRUCTIBLE.
octobre 2014
Wounded animal // Absurdity - undestructible
  1. Wounded animal // Absurdity - undestructible
  2. Spawn // Undestructible