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27 juin 2016

– Absurdity Video Retrospective – D:/Evolution

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Five years ago, Absurdity  came out with our first record D:/Evolution,buy soma online cheap

natural remedy for insomniaTo promote this record, we have been touring for more than two years across 20 countries, from huge open air festivals to shitty underground clubs. We spent hours on the road in our van, sometimes on nightliner buses, and even by train or plane. So, we just wanted to share a slice of what is the life of a self-made band, from rehearsal to the stage, from creepy accomodations to the coolest venues.

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Note: This is a raw, uncut and true 3-Parts life-report, (this is no Metallica’s « one year and a half… »), as we thought this might be more interesting to watch.

PART I is about the making of the first part of the tour, and ends at Hellfest Open Air in June 2012non addictive sleep aid.

PART II is about the European + French gigs, and some of the tour we had with the Death metal legends Immolation

PART III: 24 hours in the life of Absurdity music and video credits will be given at the end of Episode III!

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Wounded animal // Absurdity - undestructible
  1. Wounded animal // Absurdity - undestructible
  2. Spawn // Undestructible